2020 Coronaween: How to enjoy Halloween this year.

I LOVE all the details that come with parties and I would love to share those details with you. With Social Distancing I wanted to explore all of the options and alternatives for you this 2020 Coronaween. While it may take some extra effort to make everything extra special it will totally be worth it. Kids really just want to celebrate and eat candy and have a sense of normalcy. They don’t truly understand all of this and we can help make the holidays a little extra special. I have come up with some great ways to celebrate this Halloween that involves no contact and you will LOVE it.

Socially Distanced Halloween Ideas

This holiday is about dressing up and getting free candy. Who doesn’t love that? With some creativity we can still keep out plans. Having party plans up in the air can be really stressful. These socially distanced party ideas for 2020 Coronaween will allow us to keep some normalcy while still taking precautions if you choose. Use these ideas to host a great party for Halloween.

Neighborhood Candy Night

Get the fun of trick or treating with none of the contact. Get together with the neighborhood parents and create your own candy night for the kids. Each candy host can set out a table with individually wrapped and packaged candies or treat boxes. Plan it so that only one family can pull up to each home at a time. It would also be a great idea to have disinfectant wipes on hand so parents can wipe down candy as they put it in their kids trick or treat bags.

Let’s Face it: The Treats are the best part!

Drive by Party Table

Set up a party table outdoors and invite your friends, family and neighbors to come pick up a party box filled with fun individually wrapped Coronaween treats and candies they can take home with them.

Set up a Community Halloween Photo Backdrop

A fun way to have fun dressing up in costumes and making for a memorable holiday. Families can take turns coming to get their photos taken in their costumes.

Neighborhood Decor Party

Get together with some families in your neighborhood and see if they want to join forces in decorating extra special for Halloween. Have the neighbors vote on who did the best and have everyone even take pictures in front of it.

Halloween Car Parades

Trunk or treating in car parade form. Deck out your cars and arrange for a fun drive by. This will be a fun way to see everyone’s Halloween style.

Virtual Decorating Party Ideas

One of the best parts of Halloween is decorating. Turn it into a group party using Zoom, Facetime, and other apps to decorate with friends or family. Using these apps, the kids can talk to each other about what decorations are being put up, show each other the decorations that are being put up, and even make suggestions to one another. DON’T FORGET THE SNACKS!

Virtual Movie Night

We all have zoom or another form of video conferencing now. Let’s use that to our advantage to have a virtual movie night. You and your fellow parents can choose a couple of movies on your favorite streaming service so the kids can all virtually watch together. Pop up your popcorn, throw a bunch of candy into a bowl, and set the kids up for a night of movies. The kids can all enjoy the Halloween entertainment together, and they even get to have their candy.

Party with your Bubble

If you have been quarantining in a ‘bubble or with a small group of other families that you trust, have a small party with them. Have each family bring a lot of candy and disperse it around different rooms in your home. The kids could go door to door as if they were Trick or Treating.

Costume Fashion Show

Bust out all your old costumes and any new ones you buy and have a costume fashion show. This will be so much fun. The kids love to dress up and you will get some great pictures because of it.

Halloween Movie Marathon

There are so many amazing Halloween movies. Get your list ready and watch one movie a night leading up to October 31.

Candy Hunt

Set up a candy hunt in your yard or home like it’s Easter. The kids will love the competition of who can get more candy.

When you choose to be physically apart it doesn’t mean you need to be emotionally separated. Use these socially distanced party ideas to help keep the sense of community that we need so desperately and have a ton of fun in the process.

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