The BEST 4th of July Party Tips & Tricks

The summer is upon us, so that means it’s time to think about 4th of July party ideas. You know it’s summer when you can smell the charcoal grills heating up. Whether you’ve got a backyard blowout planned or a simple family hangout – we’ve got food, activities, and decorations that’ll make it more festive than ever.

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Turn a basic holiday barbecue into an epic party with these 4th of July party ideas for decorations, food, drinks, and fun. These patriotic party games, party hacks, and party planning tips will help you throw the best summer party ever. 

All American Food

  • Freeze blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries to use in Sprite for a patriotic drink. Cut up your favorite berries, add them to an empty ice cube tray and top them with water. You can also use lemonade, a clear soda like Sprite, or make an adult beverage with alcohol. When it’s time to serve, add these fruity cubes to the beverage of your choice.
  • Have a Festive Breakfast. Add some strawberries, whipped cream, and some blueberries on top to give the pancakes a festive look.
  • Enjoy the All American Meal of Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Corn on the Cob, Apple Pie, Watermelon, Root Beer Floats, Homemade Ice Cream, and Funnel Cakes.
  • Design a DIY Beverage Cart. Cool drinks are a must at a summer party. For a cuter take on a cooler, place the bottles and cans in a clean red wagon filled with ice.

4th of July Party Games

A big part of any party is making sure there is plenty to do and keeping everyone entertained. For a 4th of July party, you can play games like horseshoes and cornhole. Some other fun ideas include water balloon tosses and obstacle courses. If you’re not looking to DIY anything, check out these fun products!

  • Bring on the sparklers. Shield kids’ hands from sparkler burns with a plastic cup. Have a contest to see who can snap the best photos of the sparklers in action. Just to be safe (and to save yourself cleanup later), have a bucket of water on hand where people can dunk their used sparklers.


  • Have a Scavenger Hunt. Give your kids a list of things to find around the house that are related to the 4th of July (an american flag, stars, and fireworks for example)
  • Giant Yard Pong. Think of beer pong, but big trashcan sized red solo cups. What a Blast!
  • Jumbo 4-To-Score. This one is great for the kids and adults. Who doesn’t love a good game of connect four?
  • Fun Party Favors. This kit includes necklaces, handheld Flags, red whistles, glasses and mustaches.

Red, White & Blue All Around


Once you have your theme, it’s time to start thinking about decorations. Check out the list for some decorations to help you celebrate America’s birthday. 

  • Get a tablecloth that is either neutral or goes along with your theme. You can use a tablecloth, a table runner, or even place mats. If you use a plain solid colored tablecloth in blue, red, or white it gives you a great foundation. Check out this full kit here.
  • Get 4th of July plates and napkins (they don’t have to be fancy)
  • Make a simple 4th of July centerpiece using flags and red or white flowers.
  • Place a box of sparklers at each plate setting. It makes a cute place setting and can be used that night. 

Craft your Way through Stars and Stripes

There are lots of fun and easy crafts that can be great for a 4th of July activity. 

  • Red, White Blue Tie Dye: Have your kids create their own shirt with tie dye. This will make a great outdoor activity.

What fun things are you doing with your family to celebrate the 4th? Let me know below if you do the same things or have another fun tradition.