Celebrate Babies First Valentine’s Day!

Are you wondering what to do with your baby for Valentine’s Day? I have never been too big on Valentine’s Day. The first year of their life is all about celebrating firsts, so even if you aren’t big on the holiday (like me) you can still do something simple to commemorate babies first Valentine’s Day. I get there is not much a little baby can do yet so keep things easy and simple. Has this ever stopped a mama from spoiling their little one?!

The age of your baby at Valentine’s Day is going to determine how much you’ll want to do for their first Valentine’s Day. This year I will have a 21 month old and a 2 month old baby.

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Here are a few simple and easy ways to celebrate baby’s first Valentine’s Day. 

Babies First Valentine’s Day Photo Ideas

This is a fun way to remember babies first Valentine’s Day plus you will get a lot of cute photos to love and share. This can be something simple that you do at home or you can go all out and book a Valentine’s Day special with a local photographer.

Either way you choose, you will make some beautiful memories to look back on. If you choose to do your photos ahead of time, you can even have them printed to share as Valentine’s day cards for the grandparents, family, and friends.

Red Chevron Picture Frame: This is such a cute and simple picture frame.

Felt Letter Board: This is a great one to buy to use for multiple holidays.

Rustic Frame: This is a fun picture frame to get.

Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Backdrop and Props

You can make your own simple backdrop using cut out hearts and string. Simply tape your hearts to a long piece of string and hang them on the wall. You could even use props like hearts or balloons or create a simple backdrop with a red or pink sheet. If you aren’t a DIYer, there is always amazon!

Red and Rose Gold Red Balloons: These will look cute in any photos you take.

XOXO Red Balloons: These would look really cute behind your little cutie.

Our Little Sweetheart Banner: Such a simple banner to get and use as a backdrop.

Pink and Red Heart Garland: If you don’t want to DIY a banner, get this.

Baby Angel Wings: You can’t get much cuter then a baby dressed as cupid.

DIY Valentine’s Crafts

This could be a great time to create those baby handprint or footprint crafts you have been wanting to make. You could use some air dry clay or even just some paint and a blank canvas. Your family would love hanging it up on their walls.

You could turn this day into a fun Valentine’s Day Playdate. Make these Valentine’s Crafts with the little ones.

Stretched Canvas for painting: These are great for this Valentine’s Day Craft and to have in stock for any other crafts.

Acrylic Paint Set: This set is a great basic set to have in your craft closet for so many fun projects.

Crayola Air Dry Clay: I love this stuff for kids projects. You can make so many fun items quickly.

Baby’s First Valentine’s Day Outfit

There are so many cute Valentine’s themed outfits. Get them decked out in hearts, kisses, pinks, and reds.

Red Sparkly Bow: This is a great accessory to use.

Red Moccasin: These would look cute with any Valentine’s outfit.

Pink Bow Shoes: These are really cute.

Black and White Heart Snow Oufit: This just looks super cozy for this winter holiday.

Red Heart Suspender Outfit: This will look cute with kisses all over the baby.

Valentine’s Day Board Books for Baby

I love giving books for every holiday. I will celebrate everything with some new books. It is one of the best presents because we continue to get repeated use out of them.

Chunky Pack Board Books: These little books would be great for your little one.

My First Valentine’s Day High Contrast Book: This black and white book is great for newborns.

Lots of Love Little Book: This is such a great book for your shelf.

Show your Love

Write a love letter to your little sweetheart. Obviously your little one can’t quite read yet but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to one day. I have been curating a time capsule keepsake where I store all of the sweet memories for my kids.

Your baby may not understand the concept of Valentine’s Day, but they will still feel the love and affection you show them through your actions and words.

Start a Family Tradition

Even though your baby won’t remember their first Valentine’s Day, you can still start a tradition of celebrating the holiday together as a family.

Create a themed meal or snack. You could make heart-shaped pancakes or sandwiches. You could decorate with food coloring or fun frosting.

Create Lasting Memories

Your baby will not have memories of their first Valentine’s Day, but you can still make it a special occasion that won’t be forgotten. You can take photos or videos, write in a journal, or create a unique keepsake to remember the day by.

What are some things to consider when planning a Valentine’s Day Activity with your baby?

Choose Age-Appropriate Activities and Toys: It’s important to choose activities and toys that are appropriate for your baby’s age and developmental level.

Valentine’s Day Wooden Puzzles: These are perfect for your little one.

Valentine’s Baby Doll: How cute and snuggly is this!

Consider your baby’s interests and preferences: Think about what your baby enjoys and plan your Valentine’s Day activities accordingly. If your baby loves music, you might want to plan a sing-along or dance party.

Keep Activities Short and Focused: Babies have short attention spans, so it’s a good idea to keep activities short and focused.

Plan for breaks and naps: Don’t forget to plan for breaks and naps if your baby is still young. You might want to schedule your Valentine’s Day activities around your baby’s normal routine or plan for some quiet, restful activities in between more active ones.

Be Flexible: Be prepared to be flexible with your plans. Your baby’s mood and needs may change, so it’s important to be adaptable.

My final thoughts on baby’s first valentine’s day celebration

There are so many fun ways to celebrate Valetine’s Day with your baby. You can create special meals and snacks or even make fun crafts. There is something for every interest and preference. Don’t be afraid to have fun and enjoy this special time with your little one.

Go ahead and show your little one some love on this special day and create memories that you’ll both treasure for years to come.

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