Summer Bucket List for Kids!

School is out which means it’s time for fun with your kids. You have the first week fully packed full but the next Monday hits and you are lost for what to do. I created this fun Summer Bucket List for Kids! You can print out the PDF to keep for yourself. This Printable would be great to hang on the wall and getting your kids in on the action. You can even fill out the blank sheet with your own fun family traditions!


How to Upload SVG files in Cricut Design Space!

Did you know that you can find cut file designs for your Cricut Machine outside of Cricut Access Library? SVG Files are a type of vector file that can be used by most cutting programs, including Cricut Design Space. Do you have trouble figuring out how to upload SVG files in Cricut Design Space? One of my favorite places to find a new SVG is CreativeFabrica. If you’re new to your Cricut machine follow this easy tutorial that will show you how to upload SVG files in Cricut Design Space. Get busy crafting!

How to Download SVG Files

So you’ve found some awesome SVG’s…but how do you download them and open them in Cricut Design Space? Check out Creative Fabrica for your SVG’s. There are so many awesome images and you can even get some images for free!!

Scroll down the page and explore. There are so many FUN and FREE images to choose from!! You can check out where to find the Freebie SVG here!

Once you figure out what image you want, click on it. The page will have a download button like the one below. Click on it and it will download.

This will open a navigation window that allows you to specify where you want the file to be saved on your computer. Choose where you want the file to go and click ‘save’. Be sure to choose a location that is easy to find. Have a file folder for your SVG’s. I love to organize them by theme. It makes it so much easier to locate when you need to.

Most SVGs will download as a zip file. After downloading, you will need to unzip to use the files inside.

Click on the zip file and it Extract all. It will unzip the folder for you.

You can see below the files that come in the folder. The files will be labeled for you. The bottom one is the SVG image and the one you will upload into Cricut Design Space.

Uploading your new SVG into Design Space

Then you can head to Design Space. Sign in and click New Project to open up the Canvas.

Click the “Upload” button on the bottom left side of the page.

On the Upload page, choose “Upload Image”.

Then click the “Browse” button to navigate to where you saved the SVG file on your computer (or drag & drop the file).

Be sure to choose the SVG format file. Some computers may display SVG files using web browser icons (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc), however they are actually SVG files and should still upload correctly in Design Space.

On the Upload Image page, you can name the image, and add tags. When you are ready, click “Save”. This is such a great resource. The more tags you add the easier it is to find the specific image when you need it.

The uploaded image will then appear in your “Recently uploaded images” section, where you can click on the thumbnail and choose “Insert Image” to place the design on your Canvas.

The SVG design will now open in your new blank canvas.

That’s it! Make any desired changes to the design for the project you are creating, and when you’re ready to cut, click “Make it”.

Let’s get to crafting!! I can’t wait to see what awesome SVG’s you get from Creative Fabrica to craft with.

Cricut Command Cheat Sheet

Using the Cricut for the first time can be very overwhelming. Do you wish you had someone sitting next to you helping every second of the way? Do you already know what you want to do in Cricut Design Space, but can’t remember which command to use? I have a quick reference guide for you.

I would love to hear from you. Tell me how this Cheat Sheet helped you and what else you need help with.