10 Craft supplies you should buy at Dollar Tree

I always love wandering aisles of Michaels to see all the new things. If you have seen my craft room you would know the obsession. It gives me immediate happiness and I’m sure that’s the same for so many people. My cart starts to fill up with lots of fun items and leaves my mind with so many new project ideas. That can add up quickly and get expensive.

In order to save my budget however, there are certain craft supplies that I do not purchase from Michaels because I can get them from Dollar Tree for less. Of course people will have quality concerns with these products from Dollar Tree but I have personally tested all of these products time and time again and can tell you they are worth it!

This is why I’m spilling my secrets on the 10 Craft Supplies you should buy at Dollar Tree. This list will save you a lot of money so you can buy more of those cute supplies you want without breaking the bank or your budget.

1. Wood Beads

I saw these and now I want to go back and buy all of the colors. These are great for making jewelry. Our nieces come over often and I want to have a full supply so we can make fun matching bracelets together! What a great price- 260 pieces for only $1.

2. Jute Twine

I used to buy this at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. When I saw this in the automotive aisle at Dollar Tree I was changed. I couldn’t believe I found this 3 roll pack! I have been buying it there ever since. Always remember to look in all of the aisles, you might be surprised by what you can find.

3. Foam Brushes

I was so pumped to find this 8 pack of foam brushes! You can’t beat spending a dollar on these. I tend to go through them quickly so it’s awesome to be able to have them on hand when I’m working on a project.

4. Poster paint

This is such a great thing to buy to stock your craft closet. These are great basic colors to have on hand. I can’t wait for all of the fun projects!

5. Hot glue sticks

You can never have enough hot glue sticks! I use them for so many projects. Dollar Tree carries regular and glitter hot glue sticks. These are so fun to use. If you have never used glitter glue sticks you should pick these up and try them out.

6. Bakers Twine

I know I already shared some twine earlier in this post but the options are just too good. While the jute twine adds a perfect rustic touch to any project, bakers twine can definitely add a cute and whimsical feel to a craft.

7. Burlap Ribbon

There are so many things you can do with burlap. It could make a pretty bow or add a nice touch to your wreath. No matter what you choose to do with the burlap it will make a great addition to your craft stock pile.

8. Mod Podge

These may come in small bottles, but that’s great because most of the time you don’t need that much when crafting. I like to add a few bottles to my craft pile when I head to Dollar Tree.

9. Tacky Glue

I have another adhesive on my list but it is completely necessary to me. This is such a great all-purpose glue. It is great for paper, wood, felt, foam and so much more. I love having it on hand for any project I want to make.

10. Decorative tape

I love washi tape. This is great to use in so many ways. I love using it in my planner or to decorative a plain card. It is another great item to have stocked in your craft pile.

Now that you have finished reading my list of craft supplies that you should be buying at the Dollar Tree what do you think? Are you surprised by what you can buy there? Do you have any others to add?

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